Adele Kicked Off Her Tour By Helping A Woman Propose To Her Boyfriend

How did you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, Leap Day? With a blue-and-yellow outfit, I hope, and if you’re a woman, by proposing to your boyfriend. It’s Irish tradition, unless it’s not. Either way, Adele kicked off her sold-out worldwide tour in Belfast last night, and she asked if any ladies in the audience wanted to propose to their man. “I’m gonna boot you off the stage if you come up and it’s not a real proposal,” Adele joked/not joked. Eventually she found someone, Hayley, who had proposed to her boyfriend, Neil, earlier in the day. Neil’s response: “He said maybe in a little while.” Dude…

After the crowd booed Neil’s reply, Adele told him: “You have to say yes. Oh my God they’re turning.” In an attempt to get a firm “yes” from Neil, the singer called on the 11,000 strong crowd to chant “come on Neil.” She later threatened to make him the front cover of her tour DVD if he didn’t agree to marry his girlfriend. (Via)

After Adele demanded that Neil “say a proper yes, bruv,” he finally gave in, and now Hayley and Neil are getting married in Essex. “That’s down the road from me,” Adele said. “I’ll come.” A hesitant acceptance to a sort-of public proposal, egged on by Adele — what could go wrong in this relationship?

(Via Standard)