Walmart Is Being Sued For Inventing A Fake Craft Brewery

02.15.17 1 year ago 3 Comments


Trouble is brewing — see what we did there? — for Walmart. The retail giant is drowning in malt over a line of beers that are exclusively sold at its stores. The cause of the trouble is the addition of one word: craft. The company touted the beer as a “craft beer” and sold it alongside the likes of Founders, Lagunitas and Stone. But, it turns out the beer isn’t actually craft at all and now there’s a lawsuit to prove it.

This is yet another reminder that people really don’t like to be duped, especially craft beer drinkers. The beer’s label says that it’s a collaboration between the company and Trouble Brewing to create four styles of beer (IPA, Pale Ale, Belgian White, and Amber). The problem is that Trouble Brewing isn’t a thing.

The beer is really made by WX Brand. A little digging will lead you to the Genesee Brewing Company (North American Breweries based in Costa Rica), the sixth biggest brewery in America and makers of your grandpa’s favorite beer (Genesee Cream Ale). Not only is that not a craft brewery, it’s virtually the exact opposite. It’s a giant beer factory.

Obviously, this is how Walmart is able to stock 3,000 stores with this “craft” beer.


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