Here’s What Some Of Our Favorite Bartenders Recommended We Order For Mardi Gras

02.28.17 2 years ago


Even if you don’t find yourself anywhere near the Big Easy this week, you should still sip on some delicious Mardi Gras-themed cocktails. What’s the point of celebrating Fat Tuesday if you don’t even get to enjoy some jelly donuts and a mixed drink or two? But what to drink?

You could go the traditional route and have a Hurricane or sip on a beer from Abita. Or, you could listen to some bartenders and drink what they’re drinking. That’s probably a better bet. Bartenders usually know what they’re talking about.


ViewHouse Eatery of Denver

A ViewHouse Hurricane. Instead of using traditional pre-made mix, ViewHouse’s Hurricanes are made fresh to order every time, making them refreshing and not overly sweet. It’s a festive pairing with our Spicy Shrimp Po’ Boy feature for Mardi Gras.

– Alyssa Kratochyil from ViewHouse Eatery in Denver

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