A New Survey Reveals 57% Of Millennials Would Give Up Sex To Travel


There are nights when the sex is beyond good. When you and your partner(s) connect deeply — spending five sweaty hours alternately cuddling, talking, touching, and pushing each other toward ever greater orgasms. When the sun comes up and you make your way home, you want to tell as many people as humanly possible how incredible your time was. By brunch, it straight up feels like you deserve a trophy for your sexual achievements.

That’s the goal, at least. But a startling number of millennials would happily give up this dream for a different sort of transcendent experience. Travel.

Contiki, the premier social travel company for young people, made it their mission to discover just how important travel is to millennials and Gen Z folks by surveying over 1,500 Americans between 18-35. Participants were asked what they would be “willing to give up for around six months if that meant you could travel the world for free.” Even though we think travel is one of the most important parts of a well-rounded life and we fit in the age group, we didn’t anticipate the results.

The majority of respondents were fully down to sacrifice sex (57 percent), coffee (77 percent), carbs (60 percent), Netflix (80 percent) and alcohol (73 percent) to travel. Netflix we get, because you have alternate streaming services to utilize and also TV rots your brain or some shit, but sex alternatives hardly provide an equivalent experience. We vibe more with the 41% who would toss their phones aside to hit the road.

Interestingly, there was a group of holdouts who weren’t willing to give up a damn thing. One percent of those who participated were unwilling to turn their backs on any of these things, even if it meant they would receive their dream trip for free. Coffee? They wouldn’t give up coffee for six months? Have they heard of the similar effects of chemical-y energy drinks?