How Airlines Are Dealing With Winter Storm Liam

02.07.18 1 year ago


Winter Storm Liam has been dropping rain, ice, and snow from Texas to Ohio over the past day. Currently, the more severe sections of the storm stretch from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC, and all the way up to Boston. The whole thing has already caused some severe travel delays across multiple states.

So far today, Liam has caused a plane to slide off a runway in Baltimore and severe weather advisories have been issued across 20 states. The Weather Channel is warning that a huge swath of the Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and New England will get hit later today with more ice, snow, and eventual icy-snowy-rain (that’s a real meteorological term, we swear). The amounts of snow are not expected to break any records, but ice raining from the sky is always dangerous all around, even if you’re just trying to drive down the street.

Already, the storm has caused thousands of flight delays and hundreds of cancellations. Expect those to continue along the storm’s path throughout the day. If you are flying today in one of the 20 states with winter weather warnings, check your airline’s webpage. Airlines are offering waived change fees, refunds, and advice on how to amend your travel plans. American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, United, and even Air Canada all have pages up to help you today.

Basically, each airline is offering to rebook you before February 10th in the same cabin to and from the same locations. Most of the airlines seem to be covering a swath of airports from Kentucky all the way up to Montreal. It might be a good idea to check and change your plans by a day or two — just to make things easy on yourself.

(Via The Weather Channel)

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