Video: This Woman Was Kicked Off Her Plane Because She Didn’t Hear The Flight Attendant Ask Her To Move

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10.13.15 3 Comments

A woman was kicked off of a Portland, Oregon-bound American Airlines flight this week for what seems to have been a miscommunication blown grossly out of proportion. The passenger seated behind the woman, Bill Byrne, took video of the events that unfolded which seemed to stem from the unnamed woman being asked to clear the aisle by a flight attendant and simply not hearing him. Byrne told Portland’s KATU 2 News that, in his traveling experience, he’s seen plenty of passengers who should have been kicked off of flights, however, this was not the case here.

Although Byrne did not hear the initial exchange between the flight attendant and the woman, she can be heard breaking down into tears when asked to exit the flight, but it was clear that she was not acting in a belligerent manner or out of line in any way. Several passengers who did hear the exchange corroborated Byrne’s story, and another passenger on board says she plans to file a formal complaint against American Airlines due to their treatment of a passenger.

For their part, American Airlines has released a statement that they are aware of the video and are “investigating the events leading up to the flight attendant’s decision to kick the woman off.” The unedited video is below, in which the other passengers (including Byrne) can be heard booing as the woman is escorted off the plane.

(KATU 2 via Reddit)

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