Re-Enter ‘A World Of Pure Imagination’ With These ‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory’ Quotes

In 1971, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory introduced the world to the mastermind of a chocolate fantasyland where almost everything was edible – or eatable – except for the little orange men. Gene Wilder’s portrayal of Willy Wonka has taught generations the importance of maintaining a youthful outlook on life.

But while he was the king of all things sugary and sweet, Willy Wonka was also the master of sarcasm and sass. He often put brats (and their parents) in their place with charm and a Jigsaw-killer-level of ingenuity.

So let’s look at some of Willy Wonka’s best quotes to celebrate the fact that there was once a time when labor laws and health code violations weren’t that strictly enforced. Because, let’s be honest, the factory probably didn’t have much in the way of workplace safety precautions and how sure are we that the chocolate lake was really cleaned out after Augustus fell into it?

“Welcome my friends. Welcome to my chocolate factory.”

Willy Wonka’s introduction is unforgettable. As the crowd waits to get their eyes on the recluse, they see a man that can’t walk without the help of a cane. Then with his trademark charisma, Gene Wilder turns the tables. Wilder reportedly only accepted the role on the condition that he’d get to have this unpredictable opening scene.

“Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing?”

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory often showed us things we could only dream of. But the same goes for nightmares. Wonka’s rendition of “The Rowing Song” may be the only time he was creepier than Johnny Depp’s Wonka from 2005. These are the things that keep children (and some adults) awake at night.

“Help… Police… Murder.”

Willy Wonka’s golden ticket sweepstakes brought out some of the most spoiled children the world had to offer. They were mostly the result of parents that couldn’t say no. So it’s not surprising that Augustus Gloop just couldn’t help himself when he saw that river of chocolate. Wonka warned him, so he had all the right to not be concerned.