All The Pre-Boyd Crowder Times You May Have Seen Walton Goggins And Not Known It

11.10.14 5 years ago 28 Comments
Walton Goggins has played a lot of dirtbags over the course of his career: dirtbags in the Deep South, dirtbags in the Wild West, dirtbags in Central America… you get the idea. And he’s been great in every one of those roles, too. Probably best known as the most cunning criminal in Harlan County on Justified, Goggins was appearing in everything from TV shows that your mom watched (JAG) to blockbuster movies (The Bourne Identity), before giving Raylan Givens the runaround as Boyd Crowder — and of course later giving Tig a different kind of runaround as Venus Van Dam on Sons of Anarchy.

Today is Walton Goggins 43rd birthday and I’m marking the occasion by looking back at the many roles — dirtbag and non-dirtbag — that he’s portrayed over the years. He’s worked alongside some of the finest actors out there, like Anthony Hopkins, Billy Bob Thornton, and yes, even Steve Austin. To kick off this Walton Goggins career timeline, it all goes back to his work with another fine actor, the late Carroll O’Connor.

1. In the Heat of the Night, Darrell — 1989, 1991,1992
“Crackdown.” “Shine on Sparta Moon,” “A Frenzied Affair”

2. Beverly Hills 90210, Mike Munchin — 1992
“The Pit and the Pendelum”

3. The Next Karate Kid, Charlie — 1992

4. JAG, Communications Officer — 1995
“Desert Son”

5. The Apostle, Sam — 1997

6. Painted Hero, Roddy — 1997

7. Major League: Back to the Minors, Billy “Downtown” Anderson — 1998

8. The Crow: Salvation, Stan Robbers — 2000

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