So Much More Than Tywin Lannister: 22 Charles Dance Roles You Might Have Forgotten About

10.10.14 4 years ago 26 Comments

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Things are going well for Charles Dance. The English-born actor best known stateside for his portrayal of Tywin Lannister on Game of Thrones is celebrating his 68th birthday today, as well as the release of the horror-action film Dracula Untold that will see him looking especially creepy as the Master Vampire.

Younger U.S. audiences — those who missed out on Last Action Hero in 1993 — probably don’t realize the actor has a LONG acting resume prior to playing the ruthless Lord of Casterly Rock. Dance’s IMDB credits list him in just about every BBC production since 1985, not to mention his three dozen or so stage roles. In celebration of Charles Dance — and as an excuse to remind you that he was in The Contractor with Wesley Snips and a movie called Space Truckers — here’s a timeline of roles you might have forgotten the actor played before making his way to Westeros.

1. Raffles, Teddy Garland — 1977
“Mr. Justice Raffles”


Yorkshire Television

2. Tales of the Unexpected — 1979


Anglia Television

3. For Your Eyes Only, Claus — 1981

4. The Jewel in the Crown, Guy Perron — 1984
various episodes


Granada Television

5. The Golden Child, Sardo Numpsa — 1986


Paramount Pictures

6. Good Morning Babylon, D.W. Griffith — 1987



7. Goldeneye, Ian Fleming — 1989


Anglia Films

8. Alien 3, Clemens — 1992

9. Last Action Hero, Benedict — 1993

10. Kabloonak, Robert Flaherty — 1994


Bloom Films

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