Celebrate ’80s Teen Queen Molly Ringwald’s Most Memorable Roles

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05.17.15 6 Comments

Thanks to her work with director John Hughes, Molly Ringwald was one of the most iconic teenagers in film history. The thing that set Ringwald apart was how relatable she was. Yes, her films were fantasy versions of high school: the unpopular girl gets the popular boy (except for The Breakfast Club), overcomes some kind of adversity, and ends up a hero. However, teen girls could see themselves in her shoes. She had the same insecurities, same desires, and in some cases, the same family issues. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we didn’t have Jake Ryan pining away for us. Despite that, she was still the everygirl in the pink dress with a sharp tongue and a desire to succeed.

While her career waned after the 80s, Ringwald’s impact on popular film should not be discounted. She has a role in the upcoming Jem and the Holograms reboot, so hopefully a career resurgence is on the way. Until then, check out these films and decide whether or not she made the right decision at the end of Pretty in Pink. #TeamDucky

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