This Musical Tribute To Dancing In ’80s Movies Will Have You ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’

The 1980s weren’t just about coke, New Coke and Reaganomics. They were about bodacious dance sequences in the decade’s movies, too. (Possibly fueled by those first three things.) The seductive allure of a fun film butt waggle has seduced everyone from teenage werewolf basketball superstars to the occasional wisecracking duck. Occasionally full-time humans were involved as well. What a time to be alive.

Supercut marvel Robert Jones, who has previously tackled such subjects as tracksuits and seduction in previous videos, has crafted a compilation of ’80s movie dance sequences that’s full of excitement, joy and Kevin Bacon leading a boogie-down rebellion. Soundtracked by Lionel Richie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling,” all the classics pop by for an appearance. Familiar bits of dancing from Risky Business, Beetlejuice and Gremlins all get moments of glory, although you might be more intrigued by curios like a clip from the panned 1985 workout drama Perfect featuring John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis. You were a curious beast, ’80s America.

We have Jones’ radical to the max ’80s movie dance sequence tribute located at the top of the post for your viewing, listening and body movement pleasure. Heck, get your werewolf on if you want to. You deserve it.