How Well Do You Know ‘Silence Of The Lambs?’ Here Are 9 Things You Might Have Missed

Do you consider yourself an authority on the motion picture Silence of the Lambs? Don’t worry, this isn’t targeted marketing based on your lotion purchases or real estate inquiries or anything like that. (Your data is used for WAAAAAAAY scarier stuff.) We ask because CineFix has put together a geek-friendly guide to some things you may have missed in Jonathan Demme’s Oscar-certified adaptation of Thomas Harris’ novel.

The sensibly titled “9 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Silence of the Lambs” provides what it says on the tin. There’s a wealth of Silence of the Lambs factoids, you might not be familiar with all of them, a play button is hit and the world chugs along merrily. One big piece of pub trivia discussion laid out in this charming video guide is the revelation that both Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins were far from the only performers up for their Academy Award garnering roles. Could you imagine Michelle Pfeiffer stepping into the shoes of Clarice Starling? Demme was interested in reteaming with the Married to the Mob actress with Clarice on the table, but Pfeiffer teamed down the gig because of the movie’s disturbing content. Foster would later snag the role, but she wasn’t the only actress in the running with Meg Ryan, Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry all said to be interested in the part.

The informative tidbits aren’t just a collection of casting notes, mind you. There’s also serial killer talk, an overlooked goof in the night vision scene and all the moth-related details you could hope to squeeze outta this thing. Once you’ve given it a watch, why not revisit our look at who reigns supreme as the ultimate Hannibal Lecter?