A ‘Quiet Place’ Threequel Is Already Being Planned And It Won’t Be Helmed By John Krasinski

A Quiet Place Part II was one of many blockbusters bumped to a later date by to the still rampaging pandemic. In fact, when the horror/sci-fi sequel arrives, tentatively on April 23 of 2021, it will be over a year since its original release date. That hasn’t stopped industry execs from doing some world building. In fact, according to Deadline, they’re already planning a third A Quiet Place, and it won’t be directed by John Krasinski.

Having already transitioned into Michael Bay actioners, the onetime Jim Halpert flexed again, directing, co-writing, and starring in the 2018 hit, about a postapocalypse that finds humans trying to evade becoming alien chow to beings with super-sensitive hearing. While no details have been leaked about the threequel — wouldn’t want to spoil Part II — the major change will be the addition of Jeff Nichols, the director of soulful twists on genre movies, such as the doomsday drama Take Shelter, the sorta-thriller Mud, and the quasi-sci-fi Midnight Special. (He also made the quite good docudrama Loving.)

So what does that mean for the third A Quiet Place? Will the third one ditch the family lorded over by a shotgun-wielding Emily Blunt and focus on another group of panicked earthlings? Will Nichols shoehorn in his frequent collaborator, the great Michael Shannon? You’ll find out when it’s released sometime in 2022.

(Via Deadline)