Aaron Sorkin Thinks There Should Be A ‘Social Network’ Sequel To Show How Facebook Got Even Worse


When The Social Network came out nine years ago, the subject of the film — Facebook co-founder and frontman Mark Zuckerberg — claimed it was mostly fiction. Maybe what he meant was it was, if anything, too nice? The movie, directed by David Fincher and written by Aaron Sorkin, merely depicted Zuckerberg as an odious creep who screwed business partners and was obsessed with Rooney Mara. How could Sorkin know he would play a key part in the collapse of democracy?

So maybe it’s time for a Mulligan — or at least a sequel. Sorkin seems to think so. In a new interview with AP Entertainment (via The Hollywood Reporter), the ever-verbose writer (and now director, too) floated the idea of getting into the franchise business, albeit with a genuinely good idea for a franchise.

“First of all, I know a lot more about Facebook in 2005 than I do in 2018 — but, I know enough to know that there should be a sequel,” Sorkin said. Apparently producer Scott Rudin first had the idea. “I’ve gotten more than one email from him with an article attached saying, ‘Isn’t it time for a sequel?” He added, “A lot of very interesting, dramatic stuff has happened since the movie ends with settling the lawsuit from the Winklevoss twins and Eduardo Saverin.” Verily.

Worth noting is that the actor who played Zuckerberg, Jesse Eisenberg, went on to play no less than Lex Luthor in the DCEU films. He wouldn’t even have to change his approach! Meanwhile, Facebook continues to lose users and money after such actions as the Cambridge Analytica mishegoss, doing nothing about Russian trolls, and pettily retaliating against critics like George Soros. When the movie comes out, we’ll be first in line.

You can watch the Sorkin video below:

(Via THR)