Adam Driver’s Old Yearbook Photos Are Gloriously And Predictably Gawky

In a response to a recent piece on Grantland that paints a portrait of Adam Driver’s rising star and highlights him as the only bright spot of This is Where I Leave You, a former classmate of Driver’s reached out to the author of the piece on Twitter to share these amazing yearbook photos. Adam Driver is an … interesting looking person. He’s kind of gangling and awkward but still sexy at the same time, and I can never decide if I think he’s going to age like Jeff Goldblum or if he’s gonna go the Steve Buscemi route.

Either way, I’m not surprised at all by his yearbook photos. Behold the young Adam Driver:

Hmmm. That’s a tough one. He’s the kid with the bowl cut, right? Totally the kid with the bowl cut.

According to the Huffington Post, who reached out to Doty:

“I remember him well from school,” Doty told HuffPost Entertainment in an email. “I was never in any drama classes with him, but I did take a few art classes with him, and wouldn’t you know it … he was/ is an amazing artist. (I wonder what a high school drawing might be worth in five-10 years …)”

It does not surprise me that Adam Driver is also an excellent artist. He’s like the rich man’s James Franco. Which would make James Franco the poor man’s James Franco? Not sure about that logic but it sounds right to me.