Adam McKay Scrapped His Star-Studded Netflix Serial Killer Movie To Focus On A New Project About Climate Change

Adam McKay’s upcoming Netflix film has seemingly been canceled after the director announced that he intends to make his next movie climate-related. You could say the same thing about his last movie, Don’t Look Up, as well.

McKay wrote and was attached to direct Average Height, Average Build for Netflix, though Deadline reports that the project will not be moving forward now that McKay is out of the picture. The movie was set to have an all-star cast including Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams and Robert Downey Jr, who is actively not trying to be Iron Man anymore.

According to Deadline, the film was described as a “political satire” that followed Pattinson as a serial killer who “enlists a lobbyist (Adams) to change laws that will allow him to get away with murder more easily,” while Downey was set to portray a retired cop who is trying to take him down. We will likely never know how it was supposed to end, but Pattinson’s performance would have been Oscar-worthy (probably).

No details on the upcoming project have been announced, but it’s the second time a movie has been dropped for McKay, who was also in talks to direct a movie based on Elizabeth Holmes, but that was before The Dropout, so it might not move forward.

For now, McKay is focused on his nonprofit Yellow Dot Studios, which aims to raise public understanding of the climate emergency, which is something that desperately needs to be understood!

(Via Deadline)