Watch Adam Scott And ‘The Overnight’ Cast Turn On Each Other And Punch An Interviewer In The Face

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“Do you want people to see this movie or not?”

In this latest video from Funny Or Die, Allan McLeod (Parks and Recreation) is a journalist that knows what he wants: clicks. And how do you turn boring press junkets into viral gold? Ask your subjects what their “thoughts on boobs are” and goad Adam Scott into punching you in the face, for starters.

Scott may not have had any real-life “beef on set” with fellow The Overnight cast mates Jason Schwartzman, Taylor Schilling, and Judith Godrèche, but all four of them have a real problem with Mr. McLeod’s methods. If he really wanted a provocative interview about the married swinger comedy, you’d think he’d just focus on all the prosthetic penises they had to use on set.

The Overnight premieres in theaters on Friday, June 19.