‘The Little Mermaid’ Comes To Life With This Dazzling Performance From An Adorable Child

Kids these days. They’re not content enough to just be adorable and sometimes hard to babysit. Now the adorable infants of the world are hitting a new level by absolutely slaying iconic Disney songs from animated movies that were released before they were even born. Or at least that’s the plan for a three year-old vocal talent named Claire. Now, she’s not quite Celine Dion just yet. But credit where it’s due, I couldn’t even sit through an entire Disney movie when I was three years old nonetheless remember the lyrics to a full song at that age.

According to Mashablethis is one of young Claire’s favorite Disney tunes besides the obvious pick of Frozen’s “Let It Go”. Much respect to Claire for going with an option that is a bit off the beaten track at this point. She is keeping everybody on their toes by spurning Elsa on this occasion and rocking those mermaid vocals. Who knows, this could be an early audition for the next live-action Little Mermaid reboot. By the time she gets to the proper age to portray Ariel, it should be just about time for Hollywood to embark on another version.

(via Mashable)