This Guy Took ‘Aladdin’ To The Streets With A Soaring Magic Carpet Ride Through NYC

If you’ve never watched PrankvsPrank YouTube channel, then you may not be familiar with the antics of Jesse Wellens, who often tortures girlfriend Jeana Smith (and vice versa) with relatively inventive jokester scenarios. Wellens and Smith are one of many couples who make serious bank from their exploits, and Wellens is known for keeping things fresh by scaring Jeana with legitimately terrifying ghost holograms in the middle of the night. To be certain, their mutual prank fetish seems like an exhausting experience to endure, but it seems to work for them.

For Halloween, Wellens concocted a fantastical scenario and made the magic happen with the help of his good buddy, filmmaker Casey Neistat. Together, the duo reimagined Aladdin on the streets of New York City. The video, which uploaded on Friday, has since gone viral.

Wellens is seen free-wheeling through Manhattan on a trusty booster board-powered magic carpet, which looks pretty dang close to an updated movie version. As he spurs crowds of onlookers to shrieks and laughter, Wellens exudes a cooler-than-thou vibe as he flies on by. One is tempted to brand him a “bro,” but this video is too awesome for put downs. The question remains, however, why was Manhattan so threadbare for traffic? Perhaps he took the roads less trafficked.

This behind-the-scenes video reveals a bit of exactly how Wellens and Neisat pulled off their Halloween-themed magic without getting arrested.