There Was A Delightful ‘Ferris Bueller’ Reunion At The ‘Succession’ Season Four Premiere Party

While the finale Succession season premiere might feel bittersweet for some of the show’s cast (not all!) it also inspired a fun little reunion for fans of classic ’80s movies.

Alan Ruck, who plays the eldest Roy sibling on HBO’s hit series, was joined by longtime friend and Ferris Bueller costar Matthew Broderick at the premiere party, which seems like it was the hottest Carly Rae Jepson karaoke party of the year.

Ruck and Broderick starred alongside each other in the 1986 comedy, which featured the duo skipping school for a day of mischief and spontaneous musical numbers. The two reunited at HBO’s premiere party, where they took snaps in the photo booth.

The pair go way back! Before they were cast as on-screen BFFs in Bueller, they both got their start on Broadway. Hey…life really does move pretty fast, after all.

The final season of Succession premieres this Sunday on HBO, when fans will get to witness Connor get married, which should go down without any problems at all, right? Either way, it’s good Broderick was there for emotional support.

By the way, when you look at those cute photobooth photos, you have to make the following faces. It’s the only way to really appreciate art.


(Via Entertainment Weekly)