Meet The Cast Of ‘Alien: Covenant’ Before They Meet Their Doom In This Special Prologue

If you caught the latest episode of Legion, you were teased about this prologue for Alien: Covenant that gives us a spirited introduction to the crew of the colony ship that shares a name with the film’s title. Not only do we learn that James Franco is the captain of the ship and feeling a bit under the weather, but the rest of the crew are a bunch of party animals. We get to see Danny McBride appeal to everybody’s bad side while getting seriously drunk, Katherine Waterston give a heck of a speech to inspire the crew, and everybody else giving the film that “fun” moment before everybody turns into xenomorph chow.

The actual film won’t hit theaters until May 19th, but we already know a lot about what we’re getting. The Christmas Day trailer wasted little time in unveiling the horror in store with this film and it showed off a variety of Easter eggs that fans of the series were sure to fawn over. Now we get a nice prologue clip that acts as a window into the film before the crew ends up in deep sleep for their trip out in the galaxy.

Fassbender’s Walter is definitely a bit more caring for the crew than David from Prometheus, though they play up the malicious history of androids in that choking scene. I don’t see him making it once he meets up with David at some point in this film, but maybe we’ll get some sort of android showdown.

(Via Fox)