Amanda Seyfried, Like A Lot Of Your Smart Friends, Thinks ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Was Cool As Hell

Amanda Seyfried is on a hot streak thanks to a performance as Elizabeth Holmes in Hulu’s The Dropout that’s already generated significant buzz for an Emmy win. It’s a role that Seyfried almost turned down, and might have if, as she explained to Variety this week, she didn’t place such a high value on differentiating herself from other stereotypical “blonde roles” she was pushed toward after getting her foot in the door with Mean Girls. So it was nice for Seyfried to hear during a recent interview that she did deliver a performance during the early days of her career that people are still talking about. Namely, Jennifer’s Body.

Seyfried starred in the film alongside Megan Fox, who was riding high from the Transformers films, but the horror-comedy failed to make an impression at the box office. It’s since found a cult following, and Variety writer Caroline Framke told Seyfried that Jennifer’s Body is the film her friends mentioned the most when she said she’d be interviewing the actress:

Oh my God! Honestly, in terms of box office success, we didn’t see that. Whatever. For me, it was always about the experience of making it and being terrified of when it came out, because it felt like it always meant something. It had a cult following, and for good reason. Karyn Kusama is an amazing director. It was a f*cking really badass story about best friends that was hilarious, and dark, and smart. It was unique! Sorry, but I have not ever read another script or seen another movie that feels like “Jennifer’s Body.” It was art. I’m really proud of the job I did, and the fun we had.

It may have taken over a decade for Jennifer’s Body to be fully appreciated, but that doesn’t bother Seyfried at all. “Even if it’s years later, it doesn’t f*cking matter,” she told Variety. “I think it was a great movie, so it feels really good that people are still talking about it. To be a part of anything that’s stayed is cool.”

(Via Variety)