Amber Heard Exposes Instagram’s Double Standard On Nudity With A Hand From Jason Momoa

Last month, actress Amber Heard shared a photo on her Instagram “in which she stood in front of a mirror wearing a black suit jacket atop her bare torso, with the nipple of one of her breasts visible,” according to Entertainment Tonight Canada. You’ll have to take the publication’s word for it, because the image has since been “removed” for breaking Instagram’s policy on nudity. A co-worker uploading ANOTHER photo of what he ate last night for dinner to his Stories? That’s fine, but if a single nipple is exposed…

Make that, if a single nipple on a woman is exposed. To protest the “rigorous and equitable Community Guidelines against showing the Female nipple,” Heard shared a picture of Aquaman co-star Jason Momoa with his nipple exposed to her 3.7 million followers. “Since mine enjoyed the brief privilege that’s afforded to my male counterparts,” she wrote, “I decided to pay homage by replacing it with a picture that DID meet IG’s strict nudity guidelines and such careful gender policies.” In the comments, she added, “Btw, love you AquaHubbs! Sorry to use your pecs to make a point!”

Heard’s now-deleted photo came from Interview, where she opened up about her relationship to social media. “When you’re in the public eye, you become used to being fiercely protective of your image and your private life, and protecting that from being used against your best interest. And that creates a relationship with privacy and having to fight for said privacy,” she said. “I think that’s why people are sometimes reluctant to join social media. But I have to say that since being a part of it, I realize that for all those years I missed out, I was just one of the only people not weighing in on my life.”

As for Momoa, he stars in Apple TV+’s upcoming series See, where it’s presumably in his contract that he must have five shirtless scenes an episode. Can you blame him?

(Via Instagram)