And Now We Have Will Ferrell Hinting That ‘Zoolander 2’ Is Seriously Happening

So we had Justin Theroux talking about Zoolander 2 back at the beginning of August, but now it seems that the planned sequel might be a reality if Will Ferrell is to be believed. Another Derek Zoolander adventure has been rumored on and off for the past few years, but things seem to have really ramped up in the past few months. From SlashFilm:

Ferrell spilled the beans in a chat with JoBlo. “We are actually supposed to do a read-through of a sequel script soon, and Mugatu is a part of it,” he confirmed.

That fits with Justin Theroux’s update from last month: “Yeah, we’ve got a script for the sequel, and we’ve just been in talks again. We’re trying to sharpen it and hone it and, actually, I don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like it actually might be starting to get up and running.”

I could call it a bad idea, but it’s been done and done better by Burnsy a month ago:

As for Zoolander 2, are we all really sure that this is something we still want? Thirteen years can change the way people look at comedy, and while Zoolander is still fun to watch when the remote is out of arm’s reach, it wasn’t really something that left people wondering, “What’s next?” And even if it did, those people had to have moved on already, right? (via)

I don’t think I want it. And we’ve seen the track record on these sequels to beloved comedy hits before. As much as we promoted for Anchorman 2 and enjoyed all that marketing material that popped up, it was a lot better than the actual movie. To me at least, I know a lot of folks enjoyed it.

Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe this sequel is necessary and there’s more story to be told. Some plot details leaked out, but there not even solid at this point:

As of December, Stiller was saying the Zoolander 2 plot would have to do with “how the fashion world moves so quickly.” He explained: “So, the movie will begin at a time when the whole world has moved on from Derek and Hansel because they’re so ancient history. It’s about them having to reinvent themselves and try to become relevant again.”

We’ve also previously heard that the movie could be set in Europe, with Owen Wilson‘s Hansel experiencing “hard times” after suffering a “disfiguring injury” a la Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky. However, that was before the latest round of rewrites, so we don’t know if those details still apply. (via)

I’ll guess we’ll see. If anything, we can dream of a world where there’s a great Zoolander sequel out there and more dogs are being hit with eggs.

(Via Slash Film)