Anya Taylor-Joy Allegedly Wants To Shave Her Head For The ‘Mad Max’ Prequel

As the current Hollywood It Girl Anya Taylor-Joy gears up to play Furiosa in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road prequel, many fans have been wondering if she would shave her infamous long blonde locks. While the actress has declined to comment in the past, the movie’s costume designer has given a cryptic answer.

Jenny Beavan, the costume designer for the upcoming movie, says, “She wants to, but George [Miller] doesn’t want her to,” Beavan told Variety. “So I don’t know whether she will or not.” Perhaps she can go the Queen’s Gambit route and wear a ton of wigs?

The movie will be a prequel to 2015’s hit dystopian action film Mad Max: Fury Road which featured Charlize Theron as Furiosa. Theron famously shaved her head for the role, which also starred Tom Hardy post-Dark Knight Rises, but pre-Venom. The movie was the fourth installment in George Miller’s Mad Max franchise, which began in 1979 with Mad Max, starring Mel Gibson as the titular antihero.

Taylor-Joy was cast in 2020 to play a younger version of Furiosa. Miller famously wanted to use CGI to de-age Theron for the film, though after seeing The Irishman, Miller believed that type of technology isn’t quite there yet (probably for the best). Chris Hemsworth and Tom Burke have also been cast in the prequel, which is expected to begin filming this year, with a 2024 release date.