Los Angeles’ Legendary ArcLight Movie Theater Is Permanently Closing Due To The Pandemic

The nation’s movie theaters have been in trouble since they hit these shores, and though the major chains may get through this after all, smaller ones have had been in even more trouble. Here’s one that it looks like won’t make it after all: According to Deadline, Decurion, which owns Los Angeles-based Pacific Theatres as well as the legendary ArcLight Hollywood, won’t be reopening its theaters.

The ArcLight, which opened in 2002, is one of the highest grossing movie theaters in the country, but it also has a major piece of history attached to it. It’s the home of the Cinerama Dome, which opened in 1963 with a geodesic shape, equipped for the curved widescreen process that bears its name. Located in the heart of the Hollywood neighborhood, the Dome has for decades been the place to see gigantic, 70mm extravaganzas. When Quentin Tarantino shot Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, he made sure to give it prime real estate during one of his many loving montages glorifying 1969.

Before this, the ArcLight was set to reopen over Memorial Day weekend, with A Quiet Place Part II and Cruella helping it make its splashy return. But no more. A press release issued by Decurion said that “despite a huge effort that exhausted all potential options, the company does not have a viable way forward.”

Deadline reports that the company may not be bankrupt; they’ve simply handed the keys back to their landlords, who may always put it up for sale. There’s still hope online that someone may come to the chain’s rescue, or at least save the ArcLight and its 58-year-old dome.

Many reminisced about the countless amazing experiences they had there over the years.

But for now, here’s to the ArcLight, one of the greatest.

(Via Deadline)