‘Bad Moms’ Will Return For Some Christmas Troublemaking In 2017

Much to the likely chagrin of Russian conservatives, Bad Moms 2 is a go to arrive under the tree in 2017. This official promise of Bad Moms 2: No, Not The Drown Their Children In The Bathtub Kind came via the time-honored tradition of Kristen Bell talking about it on Twitter.

“Get ready. It’s about to get festive as a mother,” teases Bell. “A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS coming for ya winter 2017! #BadMomsXmas”

Seeing as Bad Santa 2 has lowered expectations for bawdy R-rated holiday sequel thrills, this scheduled sequel to the Mila Kunis led film won’t have too much pressure on it, we reckon. (If there’s not a scene where Kathryn Hahn abuses egg nog, we have clearly misread the Bad Moms mythos.) According to Variety, the new entry into the franchise will place the spotlight on our heroes dealing with their own moms and presumably getting up to shenanigans with these grandmas or preventing them from happening.

“This is a brand that has enormous goodwill all over the world, so expanding and extending the Bad Moms franchise in an authentic and irreverent way has been a priority for our team,” said STX Motion Group Chairman Adam Fogelson. “Mila, Kristen and Kathryn are excited to re-team, and we will move forward with ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ on a similar time table and in much the same way in which we produced the original.”

Oddly enough, A Bad Moms Christmas isn’t the only film from the Momiverse arriving next year. The spin-off Bad Dads is slated to arrive on July 14, 2017 with A Bad Moms Christmas popping by on November 3. There’s still a few days left for a Bad Mums announcement about Mila Kunis and Queen Elizabeth getting rowdy in the next sequel, so who knows if every Bad Moms plan is wrapped by New Year’s Day?

(Via Variety)