‘Barbie’ Would Have Made $2 Billion If It Included The Apparent Deleted Scene With Helen Mirren Giving The Middle Finger

Barbie is a good movie. But you know how it could have been even better? If Helen Mirren flipped off the camera.

Mirren is heard but not seen in 2023’s highest-grossing film, but there’s a featurette on the digital release, “All-Star Barbie Party,” which includes an interview with the actress. “Rather like David Attenborough doing a narration on a nature film, I’m the wise and knowledgeable and objective voice telling the story of Barbie,” she says. Then, Decider reports, it “cuts to footage of Mirren, clearly in costume and on the Barbie world set, with her back turned to the camera throwing up her middle finger as she stalks away in anger.”

Oppenheimer is the frontrunner to win Best Picture at the Oscars, but only because “sexy forever” Helen Mirren flipping the bird was cut from Barbie.

Previously, director Greta Gerwig revealed another scene with Mirren that was cut from the final cut. “There was a page-one F bomb that sort of set the tone for the whole thing. What the line was, it was actually Helen Mirren saying to Marie Curie, ‘Pipe the f*ck down, Marie Curie!’ That was like my favorite,” she told the ReelBlend podcast. “But we knew we only got one F bomb, and we were like, ‘Let’s use it at the very beginning.’ And there’s just something, to me, [about] Helen Mirren saying, ‘Pipe the f*ck down, Marie Curie.’”

The campaign to get Helen Mirren to drive Barbie’s pink Corvette in Fast XI begins now.

(Via Decider)