Here’s How To Watch ‘Barbie’ At Home

Has it been too long since you’ve seen Barbie wake up in her dream house and suffer through an existential crisis? Or have you been avoiding seeing it in theaters because you don’t have a pink ensemble worthy enough to be seen in public? Well, soon you’ll be able to visit BarbieLand from the comfort of your own Mojo Dojo Casa, where nobody can see you belt out “I’m Just Ken.”

The smash hit film Barbie will be available on Tuesday, September 12th for digital purchase and rental on all the major suspects: Amazon Prime Video, AppleTV, Google Play, and Vudu.

The film will cost you $29.99 to own or $24.99 to rent, so you might as well just shell out the extra couple of bucks in order to watch Michael Cera as Allan on repeat.

If you still want that big screen experience, you’re in luck. At the end of this month, Barbie will head back into theaters for a special IMAX release featuring a new post-credits scene. If you’re looking for that streaming-service experience…. Warner Bros has not yet announced a streaming date for the blockbuster, but it will no doubt end up on Max. Seeing as it just became WB’s biggest hit ever, Barbie will probably not be crossing over to StreamingLand anytime soon.

(Via Deadline)