Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Will Reportedly Take Place In Arkham Asylum

The latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War, was greeted with rapturous reviews and an equally strong box office reception (it’s currently the highest grossing film of 2016). Meanwhile, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the second movie in the rival DC Extended Universe, was a disappointment, both critically and commercially. There’s one thing DC has that Marvel doesn’t, though: captivating villains. Next month sees the release of Suicide Squad — Marvel, however, would probably rather make The Incredible Hulk 2 than team up its Big Bads; it’s a problem.

DC has a much smaller problem on its hands: what to do with The Joker at the end of Suicide Squad? It’s unlikely you cast an Oscar-winning star like Jared Leto (never forget that Jordan Catalano has an Academy Award), and only have him appear in one movie. The already-confirmed Suicide Squad 2 is a possibility, but so is The Joker appearing in Ben Affleck’s stand-alone Vaping Batman movie, which will reportedly be set in Arkham Asylum:

According to reliable sources, Ben Affleck may find himself locked up in Arkham Asylum in his solo Batman movie. This wouldn’t be a straight up adaptation of the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game or the graphic novel by Grant Morrison, though. Affleck has said that his Batman movie will borrow elements from previous Batman stories, but that he’ll be telling an original story. (Via)

This would jibe with reports that “many, if not most, members of Batman’s rogue’s gallery will be making appearances in the film,” and it’s a little surprising an entire film hasn’t already taken place in Arkham Asylum. Once Suicide Squad makes all the money, as it’s expected to, expect to start hearing casting rumors about who could play Mr. Freeze. Why not Arnold again?

He would be an [puts on sunglasses] ice choice.

(Via Batman News)