Ben Affleck’s Solo ‘Batman’ Movie May Not Be Happening After All

Making a new Batman movie is an intimidating task. Tim Burton’s take on Bats changed the face of Hollywood in 1989, and Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight did the same. So the fact that the upcoming Ben Affleck-starring solo Batman movie has been facing a bumpy ride is hardly a surprise; it’s a movie you want to get right. Warner Bros., however, may view it as a movie they don’t want to make at all.

At the root of the issue, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is timing. There’s not going to be a Bat-movie going before cameras until the end of 2018 at the earliest, since DC is shooting Shazam! and possibly Suicide Squad 2 next year. THR’s sources note Affleck will be pushing 50 by the time that happens, but it’s also worth noting the guy has a fairly busy dance card; he’ll be directing and starring in the Agatha Christie adaptation Witness For The Prosecution next, and Warner Bros. wants a sequel to The Accountant, which nobody is going to turn down.

That may really be the crux of the matter: Wonder Woman rehabilitated DC’s image with critics and made a mint at the box office, and WB might be assuming people are good with Batman solo outings for a while. At the same time, “mid-budget” movies like The Accountant are making a comeback. Simply put, it might make more sense to give The Accountant a new set of books, financially and creatively, rather than revisit the Bat-well.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)