This ‘Batman’ Movie Supercut Tallies Up The People The Dark Knight Has Killed Over The Years

Batman is one of those comic-book superheroes notorious for his stance on not murdering bad guys. However, adaptations can commonly take liberties with the original subject matter — I mean, just read James Patterson’s Zoo and THEN watch the CBS show — which could then lead to some murderous misgivings. While the Caped Crusader may have sometimes gone against his anti-kill motto in the comics, it’s worth noting just how many villains the Bat has taken down on the big screen.

The video above was compiled and edited together for your enjoyment by YouTube channel Mr. Sunday Movies. It’s a fun little jaunt down memory lane, really. Not only does the supercut tally up 45 people being killed by the Dark Knight himself, witnessing the violence being doled out by a multitude of different Batmen feels pretty neat. You know, for someone who doesn’t like ending lives, this Batman fellow sure qualifies as quite the serial killer.

It’s worth noting that most of the deaths depicted in the above video were taken from the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher Dark Knight days of yore. Adam West’s brief appearance and the cameo of Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne just makes everything all seem better. Hmm…I wonder how murdery the Batfleck is going to get.

(Via Mr. Sunday Movies)