The Latest Look At ‘Batman V Superman’ Gives Us A Post-Apocalyptic Peek At The Latest Big Bad

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01.26.16 22 Comments

WARNING: Spoilers for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will follow and you might want to skip said spoilers, so don’t whine about not being warned.

There’s been a lot of discussion about what’s happening in Batman’s apocalyptic vision from the desert on the Batman V Superman trailers up to this point. There’s plenty of references to draw from in the scene we’ve seen up to now, whether it be The Dark Knight Returns, Superman: Red Son, and even some of your own Batman/Superman slash fiction. You know who you are.

But now it seems like one theory behind what we saw in the trailer is almost confirmed thanks to this image in Empire magazine. It turns out the flying men we see aiding Batman against Superman’s soldiers might not be actual “men” at all. They might be something much worse.

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