Lex Luthor’s Fake ‘WIRED’ Interview For ‘Batman V Superman’ Features A New Image Of The Supervillain

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01.08.16 3 Comments

With the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just a few months away, the viral marketing campaign featuring Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) has kicked into high gear. The latest installment? A print version of WIRED‘s “exclusive” interview with Luthor, “Lexical Analysis: Lex Luthor on disrupting the vigilante industrial complex.” The interview was released online in late December, but the print edition gifted to CES 2016 attendees features a new image of the DC Comics villain on its cover.

So, is Lex finally bald? Nope. Like the larger Warner Bros. image included in the online article from Warner Bros., Lex’s WIRED cover image still features his uncharacteristic, wavy locks of hair. And like the majority of the photographs and video snippets of the character teased in other images and the various trailers, this version of Luthor doesn’t really know how to smile too good.

This portrait of Lex, however, does share a lot of common traits with the iconic poster for The Social Network, in which Eisenberg played Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, the jokes about Eisenberg’s younger Luther being a version of his Zuckerberg characterization are old and dead, but they’re still fun to make. Makes one wonder what this Luther thinks about Facebook’s creeptastic poking feature.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters Friday, Mar. 25.

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