This BB-8 Jack-O-Lantern Comes Complete With A Moving Head

BB-8 is a round orange thing, so it’s fairly natural that at least one nerd would see a pumpkin, think of the adorable little guy, and make a tribute to him. Randy Slavey, though, decided to take it one step further and give his rendering of a droid in orange gourds the ability to move its head.

Slavey put a lot of work into this little pumpkin. Using a children’s robotics kit, he still had to almost completely hollow out the top pumpkin and stuff it with Styrofoam in order to get the head spinning. As for the exacting detail work on the pumpkin, it turns out he used a Dremel to make that happen, an idea I am jealous of and will use in the future. Hey, it’s safer than using a drywall saw on them.

The results, of course, speak for themselves, and really force every nerd to step up their pumpkin game. If robotics are in play, it’s a matter of time until lanterns have lasers instead of candles and a 1,000-pound gourd on the lawn with the Bayeux Tapestry carved into it. Although perhaps avoid working with non-pumpkin materials; as this Halloween has taught us, going inflatable for your pumpkin just might not be worth the risk.

(Via GeekDad)