Ben Affleck Clears Up Whether Or Not He’s Directing ‘Batman’

Ben Affleck is taking his sweet time getting to making Batman, and that’s set off rumors that he might be considering backing out. So Jimmy Kimmel did Affleck a favor of sorts and let him settle the internet arguments once and for all.

In the clip above, Affleck comes right out and says he’s directing, and then points out he spent a year and a half on Live By Night and all anybody wants out of him is a Batman movie. It quickly becomes clear Affleck’s ambivalence was less out of worrying about the success of a Batman movie and more just annoyance that everybody wants it yesterday. Also he rules out Casey Affleck as Robin, which is what you get when you snub your brother at the Golden Globes.

The wait is going to be a bit longer for Batman, though. Affleck is directing and starring in Witness For The Prosecution before he puts on the cowl for a Batman solo movie. The earliest Batman will swoop into theaters on his own is likely 2019, but in the meantime, we’ve got the Justice League movie coming in November and Wonder Woman arriving in June, so there’s no shortage of DC, or Batman, on the way.

(via JoBlo)