Ben Affleck Couldn’t Resist Gushing About Jennifer Lopez (And Matt Damon) At The ‘Air’ Premiere

Like any good husband, Ben Affleck had to stop the proceedings during Monday night’s premiere of Air to gush about his beautiful wife, Jennifer Lopez. While Affleck has no shortage of praise for Air and its stellar cast that he had the privilege of directing, the actor put a pause on his promotional duties to single out Lopez before firing up the film for a captive audience in Los Angeles.

“This has been a joy, and I want to just enjoy this moment for one second,” Affleck said via The Hollywood Reporter. “And I want to say that none of it would be possible — this company, this movie, this joy tonight — without the love and support of my wife who means more to me than anything in the world. I want to say thank you. I love you. You mean the world to me. You’re fabulous, you’re amazing, you’re wonderful, good, kind, magnificent and I love you.”

But JLo wasn’t the only one who got some love. Affleck also made it a point to shout out his longtime friend and collaborator on the Michael Jordan film, Matt Damon. Air also marks the first production from their new company, Artists Equity.

“If you’re really lucky in life, you’ll have a friend like Matt Damon,” Affleck gushed. “I love him and it’s the biggest joy of my professional life to work with him.”

Air dunks into theaters on April 5.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)