Benedict Cumberbatch Visited A Comic Book Store In His Full ‘Doctor Strange’ Costume

You’ve seen the Doctor Strange concept art, and you’ve probably seen the glimpses of Benedict Cumberbatch and Chiwetel Ejiofor filming the upcoming movie in New York City. But you haven’t seen this, which proves that even adults dressed up as fantasy and comic book characters can make room in the day for some extra fun. Yes, Cumberbatch stopped by a New York City comic book store after he had finished filming the upcoming Marvel movie for the day. As it can be seen in the below video and posts, Cumberbatch spends some time chatting with employees and picking up some pretty predictable merchandise – an issue of Doctor Strange. 

If only we could all blow off some steam by brightening unsuspecting employees’ day with such a fun appearance. You have to imagine Cumberbatch was exhausted from a day of running through the streets of New York in full costume and makeup, yet he turned on the British charm and made the extra effort to spread some strange after hours. If we don’t have a trailer yet, and still don’t know who Mads Mikkelson is even portraying, at least we have Cumberbatch being his full-on, fun-loving self while running rampant around New York.

(via USA Today)