Take Some Responsibility And Read These ‘Fight Club’ Quotes

09.25.15 3 years ago 4 Comments

A satirical skewering of modern societies’ perverted stance on masculinity, David Fincher’s Fight Club has, over the years, become a linchpin in the beginner’s guide to film and a hallmark staple for the director. Based on the cult classic novel by author Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club details the psychological relationship between an office drone and his provocative new friend through their creation of a secret club in which men voluntarily beat each other to a pulp. Fincher has arguably made better films since the 1999 classic, but it’s hard to deny the cultural impact of Fight Club, which is still highly watchable, thanks to its stylized look, Edward Norton and Brad Pitt’s brother-strong chemistry, and the highly quotable script by Jim Uhls, which we’re going to celebrate here by remembering some of Fight Club‘s best lines.

“I felt like destroying something beautiful.” – The Narrator 

In a film full of viscerally violent moments, it would be difficult for a singular one to stand out from the crowd, yet Norton’s cringe-worthy and brutal fight against Angel Face stands head over shoulders above the rest for its animalistic and unrelenting ugliness. It’s almost as if all of a sudden the people watching saw the brutality for what it was, as Norton allows his performance to tap into a moment of deeply primal carnage. “Where’d you go, psycho boy?” asks Tyler as The Narrator walks away from the bloody and broken Angel Face, and it’s a question that has a lot of disgust loaded in it. This wasn’t fighting to feel something, it was fighting to be destructive. The desire to destroy something beautiful encapsulates many of the film’s core themes and mantras, and the fact that it comes tagged onto the end of one of the best fights in a movie stuffed to the brim with them is just icing on the cake.

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