The Unbelievable Visual Effects You Need To See From These Oscar Nominees

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Visual effects behind movies have never been better, and the fact that they just keep getting better every year makes the Oscars’ Best Visual Effects category one to watch each year. Sure, performances, direction, writing, and every other award are still amazing year after year, but VFX continue to evolve through technological advances, stretching imaginations in new directions.

This year’s nominees are no exception. We start the list with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the nomination of which we’ve already dived into. While the film used CGI to visualize certain characters and spaceships in flight, it used its share of practical effects, too. A common critique of the prequels is that too much effects were utilized over story, but The Force Awakens strove for a balance of the two, constructing an awe-inspiring world while still telling a rich, captivating story. I mean, this should be enough for a nomination alone.

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