Bill Murray Demonstrates Why You Can’t Force An Epic Murray Encounter


Bill Murray’s interactions with fans are the stuff of legends. In some cases, you don’t know where fact begins and fiction ends, and that’s fine, because some of the things Murray does (like taking over a bar and serving only tequila no matter what anyone ordered) only reinforces the Murray mythology. Besides, having a completely random night out full of adventure and alcohol might be better than winning the lottery. I’ve never sung karaoke, but I would with Bill Murray. You can’t force a fun time with Bill, however. In fact, you should be cool around him. Don’t be an annoying stargazer that needs a random picture of him. That’s when things go bad.

According to Carmel’s Police Commander, Murray had enough of some fans taking his picture at a Justin Timberlake party at a celebrity hangout in California, so he snatched their phones and chucked them off the roof.

“When we got there we had three people who were reporting that the subject, identified as Mr. Murray, had taken their cell phones and thrown them. Two of the phones went off the top of the building and were lost. One of them landed on a cushion.

This morning our officers contacted representatives of Mr. Murray. He acknowledged that he was there and said he is willing to replace the property that was damaged.”

And in having their personal property destroyed by Bill Murray, these unworthy fans became part of the gonzo experience that only he can deliver. He wasn’t even trying and yet once again, Bill Murray created another epic moment for “normal people”.

(Via Sky News)