The Bill Nye Movie Is Now The Most Funded Documentary On Kickstarter, Ever

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It wasn’t too long ago that we told you about a Bill Nye The Science Guy documentary that’s in the works. The Kickstarter project in question has one more day left in its campaign. The importance of the man who brought the fun of science to so many still rings true as the project is now the most funded documentary in Kickstarter history.

The Bill Nye Film, as it’s currently being referred to on the site, passed its $650,000 budget a few days ago and currently stands strong at more than $750,000. The project from Structure Films has since edged out For the Love of Spock for the top spot. Now that the Bill Nye documentary has funding, the production team plans to follow the man around throughout the coming year to get footage as he delivers lectures on climate change and promotes space exploration through the Planetary Society.

A number of nifty rewards from the Kickstarter project are still available, including handwritten notes from his notorious “Hamm On NYE Debate,” an exclusive invite to a science-themed cocktail mixer, the opportunity to have Mr. Nye be a substitute teacher at your school, and, of course, a bow tie for your dog (or cat).

There’s still time to donate, so head on over to the official Kickstarter page if the inclination hits you.

(Via Nerdist, H/T Kickstarter)