Billy Eichner Teams Up With Jack Black To Yell At People About Seeing ‘Bros’ In New ‘Billy On The Street’ Video

Billy Eichner has a new movie coming out: Bros, a very rare case of a gay rom-com being treated like a wide release blockbuster. As such, the performer has been advertising the only way he knows how: by recording special Billy on the Street videos, where he runs about city streets yelling at people, with celebrity guests in tow. He’s already done one with Paul Rudd. Now it’s Jack Black’s turn.

The video finds Eichner and Black in Hollywood, offering free tickets to Bros, but with a catch: They have to answer an incredibly easy question. Sometimes strangers are asked to name two Jack Black movies. Other times they only have to name one. Even that’s weirdly tough. Some people think Jack Black was in The Hangover. Others can’t figure out when Black gives a strong hint about one of his biggest hits, School of Rock. Kung Fu Panda is a popular answer, but no one names High Fidelity, the 2005 King Kong, or even The NeverEnding Story III: Escape from Fantasia.

Other times Eichner switches it up. He asks one person, “Which should we have more of: openly gay leading men or pandas that know kung fu?” (This person goes with the latter.) At one point he simply asks if someone is an ally, much like good old long-bearded Jack Black, who’s also wearing a rainbow cape. At another, Eichner simply chit-chats with a guy carrying a guitar about musicals, during which he confesses his favorite musical is Cats.

Bros hits theaters on Friday, Sept. 30.

(Via The Wrap)