A Billy Joel Biopic Is In Production Despite Not Having The Rights To His Songs Or Likeness Because The World Is A ’30 Rock’ Joke Now

A Billy Joel biopic titled, Piano Man, is reportedly in the works from Michael Jai White‘s Jaigantic Studios, which would seem like a pretty big deal, except there’s one small problem: The project does not have the rights to Joel’s name, music, or even his likeness, and a rep for the singer has been clear that the production will not get them. Did we say small problem? Because we meant extremely significant, and yet, somehow, this thing is still moving ahead. As for how that’s possible, apparently, Jaigantic Studios is going with the loophole approach? Bold move.

Via Variety:

Instead, Jaigantic has acquired the life rights to Mazur, who was Joel’s music rep from 1970 to 1972, the year before his commercial breakthrough. Mazur’s father owned the Long Island club where Joel got his start with The Hassles in 1966. Joel’s hit album and song “Piano Man” were released in 1973.

Music needs for the film are “yet to be determined,” according to the producers.

Despite not having the rights to Joel in any way, shape, or form nor the album that’s in the movie’s title (and the whole thing just generally having the vibe of the legendary “Jackie Jormp-Jormp” episode of 30 Rock), Jai, Mazur, and director Adam Ripp all released surprisingly confident statements to Variety sharing their excitement for telling the “untold story of how Billy Joel became the Piano Man” and how he belongs on the “Mount Rushmore of American Music.”

Good luck with all of that, gentleman.

(Via Variety)