‘Birds Of Prey’ Reveals Which Of The 2020 Presidential Candidates Harley Quinn Voted For

(A minor spoiler for Birds of Prey will be found below.)

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is a candy-colored blast, full of weird jokes (for a comic book movie) and great performances, especially Margot Robbie having the best time as Harley Quinn and Ewan McGregor making ALL the choices as Roman Sionis. Also, there’s a beaver wearing a pink tutu and a hyena named after billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. So, yeah, good movie. Birds of Prey digs deeper into Harley’s psyche than Suicide Squad ever did, revealing her love of breakfast sandwiches and who she’s voting (voted?) for in the 2020 presidential election.

Every time Harley runs into someone who wants her dead (which is a lot of people), she recalls how she wronged them. Some of these goons, like the driver whose legs she broke after he called her something inappropriate, are easier to classify than others. But when it comes to Roman, a.k.a. Black Mask, Harley scrolls through numerous grievances, including that she “voted for Bernie.” Harley Quinn: certified Bernie Bro.

“With the grievances, we were just kinda coming up with different grievances, and I would throw some ideas in, and [screenwriter] Christina Hodson would throw some ideas in,” director Cathy Yan told the Wrap about Harley voting for Bernie Sanders. “I think the Bernie thing, I’ll give full credit to Christina on that one. And we all just chuckled at it so we thought, why not? And I think tonally and stylistically, this is a movie that can afford that kind of stuff, and a little bit of self-awareness — or a lot of self-awareness, I should say. And not a lot of movies get to make a Bernie joke, so sure, let’s do it.”

This, of course, opens up a ton of questions, like if Bernie exists in this universe, what about Donald Trump? Does Birds of Prey take place in the future, when Bernie has already won or lost against Trump in the 2020 election, or is it an alternate timeline and he was chosen as the democratic nominee over Hillary Clinton in 2016? Who do you think the Joker voted for? Is the reason he’s not in Birds of Prey because he’s living in Washington, DC along with [fires up the DJ 3000] the rest of those clowns in Congress?

Hopefully all these questions are answered in The Suicide Squad.

(Via the Wrap)