‘Blade Runner 2049’ Director Denis Villeneuve Says The Movie We’re Getting Is The Director’s Cut

If you were (understandably) getting worked up into an excited forth over Incendies filmmaker Denis Villeneuve helming Blade Runner 2049, the man himself has some exciting news for you. It’s also news that might make Ridley Scott a bit jealous.

In an interview with Russia’s Europa Plus, Villeneuve shared that unlike the original Blade Runner and its infamous history assorted of versions, what will be hitting your local theater is the director’s cut.

“The thing is, the movie you’re going to see is the director’s cut. There will be no further … maybe there’ll be a ‘studio version’ [laughs], maybe a producer version, but not a director’s version. That’s my director’s cut. So I don’t think there will be further versions. If there are alternate versions, they’re not from me.”

Villeneuve also shared that if you haven’t seen the 1982 classic, you’ll still be able to understand Blade Runner 2049. There won’t be a written quiz to get in or anything like that.

“We did our best to make a movie that will be a standalone, meaning that if you haven’t seen the first movie you will still enjoy my movie,” explained the director. “People will still understand the movie even if they haven’t seen the first one. I will recommend to see the first movie because it is a fantastic movie. I have a pure love for the first movie and it’s still a movie that holds today. It didn’t age.”

Blade Runner 2049, which features Ryan Gosling being very handsome in addition to a returning Harrison Ford, will arrive in theaters in its unaltered director’s cut form on October 6. That gives you all sorts of time to catch up on the original.

(Via ScreenRant)