The Writer And Director Behind ‘Blair Witch’ Are Taking Their Underwhelming Debut In Stride

It looks like folks prefer their Blair Witch offerings on VHS. This weekend’s box office results have not been kind to the 2016 take on Blair Witch and the reviews haven’t exactly been glowing either. (Howdy 37% Rotten Tomatoes rating!) If it’s any consolation to champions of this new take on the franchise, the writer and director of Blair Witch aren’t afraid to poke fun at the underwhelming response that greeted the film.

Director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett (the team responsible for brilliant films like You’re Next and The Guest) commented on the lukewarm response on Twitter. Did they yell at America for boycotting the film over failing to include a sequel soundtrack to Josh’s Blair Witch Mix? Nope. Barrett chose to look on the bright side. (Kinda.)

Wingard replied to his frequent filmmaking partner’s tweet with the following lament.

America loves mustached pilots in varying levels of distress. This is now an inarguable fact.

After those tweets tumbled out, both Wingard and Barrett wanted to clarify a few things.

In other words…

Next on Adam Wingard’s filmmaking schedule is an adaptation of the Japanese manga Death Note which is earmarked to arrive on Netflix next year. Of course, why blab about this when you could be rewatching The Guest at this very moment.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)