‘Got My Cheese Whiz, Boy?’ And Other Highly Repeatable ‘Blues Brothers’ Lines

Features Editor
01.24.17 11 Comments

John Belushi dominates Blues Brothers, throwing himself down stairs, flipping through a church, singing on stage, and talking his way into and out of trouble with unheard-of confidence and charm. How do you compete with Belushi? You can’t, but the dance between he and Aykroyd only adds to the proceedings, giving the film a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby road-movie feel, even if the road doesn’t go more than 106 miles outside of Chicago before sprinting back for an over-the-top conclusion.

Hope and Crosby made seven road movies, by the way. Go through these carefully selected Blues Brothers moments and think about how amazing it would have been to see Jake and Elwood go on seven adventures.

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