Boba Fett Body Armor Will Make You Feel Like A Bounty Hunter

Many of us would like to be Boba Fett, the cool, collected bounty hunter, thoroughly ignoring how he bit it in the original trilogy. But while wrist-mounted flamethrowers and short-hop jetpacks are a reality, we sadly haven’t been able to find high-quality Fett-style body armor. Until now!

Developed by Galac-Tac, this is armor for when you’re cosplaying Black Ops II Boba Fett, not combat operations. Made of high-impact semi-rigid urethane, the preferred plastic for costume-armor crafters, you can get your Boba ensemble in black, grey, tan or green. The visor is lexan. In other words, this exists to look cool; anything else is on you, although if you’re considering dressing up like Boba Fett just to get around the neighborhood, you might consider spending that money on something else, like a new apartment.

Of course, let’s not pretend the ultimate goal isn’t to look cool, here:

That said, this does not seem to be officially endorsed by one particular Mouse, and the hammer might drop soon considering how tightly Disney controls their copyrights. But until then, you can glory in this being the only safe thing about authentically cosplaying Boba Fett. Just remember, “I’m a bounty hunter” is not a good excuse when the police ask you about your backpack-mounted grappling hook.

(Via Facebook)