A ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ Target Has Been Having A ‘Super Difficult Time’ Since The Movie Came Out

Before Borat’s daughter, Tutar, interviews Rudy Giuliani in a scene from Borat Subsequent Moviefilm that ends with the former-New York City mayor sticking his hands down his pants in a hotel room (what a way to begin a sentence), she gets a makeover to become a “proper” lady. That includes a new dress, a father-daughter dance at a debutante ball, and dating advice from one of “America’s leading feminists,” Instagram influencer Macey Chanel. The self-described “sugar baby” tells Tutar that in order to impress a man, specifically Vice President Mike Pence, she has to be “kind of weak” and never “aggressive.” Tutar then opens a bottle of beer with her “small hole.”

IndieWire spoke to Chanel, who thought she was being recorded for a Netflix series. “This has been a super difficult time,” she said. “I was misled into playing a role and being cast as someone that does not reflect who I am. I have enjoyed a successful modeling an acting career where I can play any role given. In this case and probably many others I did not read the ‘fine’ print. As well as lacking the resources to read every casting contract.” When asked if she thought Tutar was a real person, and not a character magnificently played by Maria Bakalova, Chanel replied, “Absolutely not. She was another actress and was super talented, yet disgusting at the end.”

Whatever, I was proud of Tutar for opening that bottle.

Chanel says she’s going through a “super difficult time,” but she’s also embracing her viral fame. She posted the Borat Subsequent Moviefilm trailer to her Instagram (88,000-plus followers) with the caption, “High Five.” Her posts are also being flooded with Borat references, like this selfie where someone wrote, “Wowawooa wooman drive car.”

She still got off easier than the pro-life clinic guy.

(Via IndieWire)